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Mandy Kahn/co-writer of Collage
Culture, written and designed in collaboration with
Aaron Rose and Brian Roettinger.  Read about the 21st
century's identity crisis. 
Shannyn Sossamon/Actress and Founder of Maudegone
Neil Krug/Photographer

Teaadora Nikolova/Unforseen Scene
Sharon Van Etten/Musician
Sleep Over/Band

Ryan Sambol/Lead singer of The Strange Boys
Skye Skjelset/Lead guitarist of Fleet Foxes
Mikah Sykes/Musician
Sean Pecknold/Animator, Filmmaker & Photographer

Mark Weinstein/Founder of Amoeba

One Trick Pony/Band

Travis Millard/Artist

Olivia Locher/Photographer

Nick Jago/Musician & Artist

Emily Kokal/Lead Singer of Warpaint

Diane Cluck/Musician
The Pocket Rockets/Band

Crista Leonard/Photographer


Alexandra Valenti/Photographer
William Lemon/Artist

Mel Kadel/Artist
Matteah Baim/Musician
Livi Kessel/Photographer & part of The Wing.
 Haifa, Israel.

Nate/co-Founder of Yours Truly
My Idea of Fun/ Art Collective
Johnstown, PA

Angeles Pena/Photographer
Annie Hardy/Lead singer of Giant Drag
Allister Izenberg/Musician
Nicole Westman/Photographer

Dead Folk/ Band
Sisters of the Black Moon
PUTPUT/ Art Collective

Yesenia Bello & Anthony Bui/Co-founders
of Walla Fest in Norristown, PA.

Family Band

Mark Levine/Founder of Fools' Fest

Laura Viers/Musician

Jordan Gatesmith/Lead Singer of Howler

Esther Caulfield Orchestra/Band
Hannah Hooper/Painter & Musician in
Brad Opposition/Musician

Levi Mandel/Photographer

Esra Roise/Artist

Eric Levin/Co-Founder of Record Store Day
Lukacs Wierzbowski/Photographer

Alexander Binder/Photographer

John Kilar/Photographer

Matt Butcher/Musician
Look Alike/Musician

Christine Hale/Artist & Musician